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Wood displays

directly from manufacturer

We can manufacture everything that can be made of wood. If required, the manufactured product may be developed in combinations with other materials (metal, paper, plastic, fiberglass, etc.). If you choose us, you will find a reliable partner if you want to create either standardized production or production of individual goods. We manufacture everything made of wood from uniquely designed or standardized production stands to the most unique ones. Environment is the central issue in our business, whether it is POS, POP, industrial products or logistics products!

Wood displays

Wood is one of the "most live" raw materials that can be used in manufacturing stands. This should be taken into consideration in development! Thus, each stand will be different no matter how standardized we would like them to be. But this drawback is an advantage at the same time as this material is the closest to nature. Therefore it will greatly draw the buyers` attention and the expected growth of turnover of the products displayed on wooden stands might be the highest. We will be able to solve the curing or the painting within given opportunities whether it is solid wood, MDF or other raw material.

György Villa boros állvány Kneipp fa display Fa állvány

Pult displays

If the product is displayed in the most unique way, if you find the appropriate material, form or colour, it will almost certainly become the centre of attention!

Cappy fa display sötét páccal Cappy fa display natúr

3D visual design

Our work is being helped by a team of 3D design engineers, who, when designing a product, will also take into consideration that the manufactured goods have to be not only beautiful, but have to have a realistic purpose. In the majority of cases we prefer to make a sample, but there are cases when first visualization is necessary on the road to implementation.

Fütyülos fa pult display látványterve Kosher szilva pálinka fa pult display látványterve Kneipp fa display látványterve Egyedi boros display látványterve

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Other wood displays

Whether it is a unique wine box, a blackboard or a waiter's tray, we can help! As our specialists can provide the most exceptional desires, we are capable of realizing even completely unique gifts, playgrounds, furniture made of single piece of wood, dining room furniture, garden furniture, clocks, cutlery or whatever you can imagine. Of course, implementation of home ideas for family purposes can also be solved!

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